For over 25 years, SolidWorks has been the industry standard in design and engineering and, in the A&E CAD department, it is the software taught in DFTG 1429 – Electro-Mechanical Design (cross-listed in the Engineering department as ENGR 1304 – Engineering Graphics). SolidWorks is an intuitive 3D design and product development application used to conceptualize, create, validate, communicate, manage, and transform ideas into product designs.


Please click each header below in sequence to read and follow the steps required to install your software.

  1. To begin, navigate to the SolidWorks Student Download form page located here.
  2. Complete the form by entering the following:
    • Select Yes for I already have a Serial Number that starts with 9020
    • Select 2022-2023 for the version.
    • Enter your ACC student email address (ending in
    • Select Student for your status.
  3. Click Request Download.
  4. The next page will display an agreement. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Accept Agreement & Continue

Follow the steps outlined in the Download section below to continue.

After clicking the Accept Agreement & Continue button, the next page has the link to downloading the SolidWorks Installation Manager which you will use to download and install SolidWorks.

  1. Near the top of the page, you should see a link that says Download. Click on it to begin downloading the SolidWorks Installation Manager.
    • This will download a file named SolidWorksSetup.exe
  2. Located the SolidWorksSetup.exe file where it downloaded to (typically your Downloads folder), and run it.
  3. A WinZip Self-Extractor message box will appear – leave the check boxes checked and click Unzip.
  4. Once it has finished and a message box has opened stating it has unzipped successfully, click OK
  5. Immediately after, the SolidWorks Installation Manager should launch.

Follow the steps in the Installation section below to continue.

Follow the steps below in the SolidWorks Installation Manager to install SolidWorks on your computer.

  1. Once the SolidWork Installation Manager opens, select Individual as the type of installation you are performing, and click Next.
    • Note: When the SolidWorks Installation Manager first opens, if you get a message stating that a Windows reboot is pending, please click cancel, then reboot your system. Then relaunch the SolidWorks Installation Manager by double-clicking on the sldIM.exe file in your C:\Users\\Downloads\sldim folder. If you continue to get the “reboot pending” message, click OK and remember to reboot your system once SolidWorks finishes installing.
  2. On the Serial Number page, copy and paste in the serial number you received from the A&E CAD Tech Support Team, and click Next.
    • If you need a SolidWorks Student serial number, please request one by clicking the button below and filling out the request form.
  1. On the Summary page, leave everything as the default settings and check the I accept the terms of the SOLIDWORKS License Agreement checkbox.
  2. Click Install Now
  3. Once the installation has completed, click Finish

To activate your SolidWorks installation, follow the steps in the Activation section.

To activate your copy of SolidWorks:

  1. Launch SolidWorks from the Start Menu or Desktop Shortcut
  2. When the SolidWorks Product Activation window opens, make sure I want to activate my SOLIDWORKS product now is selected, and click Next.
  3. In the next window, make sure Automatically over the Internet is selected as the option for How would you like to activate?, and click Next.
  4. Once activation has succeeded, click Finish to close the SolidWorks Product Activation window and continue using SolidWorks.

If you have any questions, please contact the A&E CAD Tech Support group at (