Regardless of what your academic or career goals may be, if you are enrolled in an A&E CAD program, we highly recommend you meet with your advisor to explore your options and define your focus. Your advisor is also a program coordinator, an instructor, and an experienced professional in their respective field; their knowledge can help you wherever you are in your development as a student and/or professional.

Please click on the program in which you are enrolled in order to see the contact information for your advisor.


ErleneClarkErlene Clark

Architecture Coordinator
Advising Guide: AS Degree – Architecture

Phone: (512) 223-4843
Directory: Erlene Clark


DougSmithDoug Smith

Department Chair, Electronic CAD Coordinator
Advising Guide: CAD Foundation

Phone: (512) 223-4853
Directory: Doug Smith


Stacey Ong-Thai

Program Assistant
A&E CAD Current Schedule

Phone: (512) 223-4841
Directory: Stacey Ong-Thai

For general questions about the department or interactions with entities at the college outside the A&E CAD department, please contact Stacey Ong-Thai. Stacey’s skills are wide-ranging and has the ability to resolve all manner of issues encountered by students.

Stacey also serves as the office administrator of the A&E CAD department.