Interdisciplinary CAD Graphics Specialization is intended for students who would like to be trained in several different areas of the CAD field. Students have the option to choose from any of the A&E CAD course offerings to meet the degree requirements in this program. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design faculty advisor before pursuing this degree program.

At the completion of the Associate of Applied Science Degree with an Architectural Specialization, students will be able to (PSLOs):

  • Utilize CAD software to plan and prepare documents and technical graphics appropriate to a range of design, manufacturing, and construction industries.


Students are strongly encouraged to contact the A&E CAD department’s Interdisciplinary CAD Coordinator, Ashleigh Fuller, before pursuing this program.

Degree Plan

AAS – Interdisciplinary Graphics Specialization Degree Plan

With A&E CAD department approval, a student seeking this degree may be allowed to substitute a different course in place of a course designated as required in the college’s catalog. Contact the A&E CAD department chair, Doug Smith, or your A&E CAD advisor, for more information regarding substitution of courses.