This program is intended for students pursing careers in the field of Electronic CAD (ECAD). In this field, CAD technicians and designers are responsible for creating the graphics used in the manufacture, service, and installation of electronic equipment including the layout and design of Integrated Circuits, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), and MEMS (Micro-Electromechanical Systems) devices.  Students who choose the Electronic CAD Specialization career track may find employment opportunities with semiconductor design and manufacturing companies and other related industries. The A&E CAD curriculum stresses knowledge of Cadence Virtuoso and Allegro as the base CAD software. Course work also includes the study of DC and digital circuits and the Unix operating system.

At the completion of the Associate of Applied Science Degree with an Electronics Specialization, students will be able to (PSLOs):

  • Utilize CAD software to plan and prepare technical graphics and documentation appropriate to the Electrical/Electronic Engineering industry.
  • Utilize CAD software to translate schematics, logic diagrams, and other technical graphics into the physical layout of Integrated Circuits and Printed Circuits.
  • Employ CAD-based verification tools and techniques to debug Integrated Circuit layouts.


Students are strongly encouraged to contact the A&E CAD department’s Electronic CAD Coordinator, Douglas Smith, before pursuing this program.

Degree Plan

AAS – Architectural and Engineering CAD – Electronic CAD Specialization Degree Plan


ENGR 1201 – Introduction to Engineering
DFTG 1402 – Intro to Tech Animation & Rendering
DFTG 2402 – Machine Drafting

Contact the Electronic CAD Coordinator, Doug Smith, for further elective options.